To Lift you up - above is our music player with  a little music from our Jan 12, 2020 service - this is "Down to the River to Pray", with Deanna Morrison on vocals, Sandy Gunn on guitar, and Pastor Sylvia on viola.

"MESSIAH" - coming to Bethel December 12, 2021 at 4pm

Welcome to Bethel Congregational Church, UCC

We are an Open and Affirming UCC Congregation!

We have returned to the Sanctuary for In-Person worship

Join us IN-PERSON or visit our Live Streams

Full Length Service -  IN PERSON and live streamed -  Sundays at 9:55AM

Enhanced Video replay of the in-person service (with captions and bonus content) - posted mid-week

on Bethel's Facebook Page, Pastor Sylvia's Facebook PageYouTube, or Twitch 

View our service for Sunday November 7 , 2021 right here! (This is from our YouTube Livestream - sorry about some blurry stuff due to low speed internet signal at Bethel - but enjoy anyway!)



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THIS WEEK:  Sunday December 5th, 2021 - Holy Communion

2nd Sunday of Advent - Peace

Special Advent Candle-lighting

Great Congregational Songs - including "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"

PLUS - a Special Kids Video -The Story of Christmas (Jesus and the Shepherds)

Special Music - Wayne Howell sings, "The King is Coming" .

Sermon  - "Messengers of Peace" -  Rev. Dr. Sylvia Lee Mann

Note - On this first Sunday of the month, we offer our formal communion service.

On other than first Sundays, a simple Communion service is offered following the Benediction to those who wish to partake (Communion is always available to anyone who wishes to receive it.)

We are live and IN-PERSON, as well as live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

View our Bulletin below (usually available by Saturday evening each week), or download your own copy!



Complete Bulletin Bundle for Sunday Dec 5 - PDF CLICK HERE - (posted by Saturday evening each week - Includes Regular Bulletin, PLUS - a  Kids Bulletin, Family Learning Activity, Coloring Page  for kids of all ages and families!)

PDF of PLEDGE FORM (If you did NOT do the online pledge submission, you may print the form, fill it out at home and mail to Bethel Congregational Church 536 N Euclid Ave Ontario CA 91762)

Focus Scripture for Sunday December 5, 2021:

Luke 1:68-79

All readings for this Sunday:

Malachi 3:1-4 or Baruch 5:1-9

Luke 1:68-79

Philippians 1:3-11

Luke 3:1-6

Focus Questions:

1. Do you ever think a blessing is "too good to be true," even if you prayed for it?

2. What gifts does your "generation" bring to the life of faith today?

3. Where do you feel closest to God?

4. How do we find that our lives "matter totally" within God's larger story?

5. How do you and your church embody God's tender mercies for others?

Focus Prayer:

Out of the embrace of mercy and righteousness, you have brought forth joy and dignity for your people, O Holy One of Israel. Remember now your ancient promise: make straight the paths that lead to you, and smooth the rough ways, that in our day we might bring forth your compassion for all humanity. Amen.

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We also offer channels/apps on Amazon Fire TV and Roku. These channels do NOT broadcast live feeds, but they will have all of our services and activities available on demand.

Note: Amazon Fire TV is only viewable on compatible devices (Amazon fire stick or cube, Fire TV)

Our Channel name for either one is "Bethel UCC Worship Services"

(Have you been visiting and thinking about joining? Today is a good day for that! - just send a message to Pastor Sylvia! - we CAN do a membership ceremony online!) 

See us Live on FaceBook: We "Go LIVE" every Sunday at 10am on our Facebook Page @BethelOntario (Bethel Congregational UCC).  


Bethel Fellowship time! - We join together in fellowship - safely, each Sunday at Bethel following the worship service. We share news, and enjoy being together again.

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Here are some tips for ways to fully participate in our online worship! (click this pic to get a pdf of these to save)


~ How to Worship with us ONLINE ~


If you’re at home with your spouse, family or significant other(s) begin by gathering around a table, or in your family/living room. If it’s just you maybe you could just join us with your computer, tablet or phone and a friend to “join” you for worship by doing the same.


Once you’re in place light a candle to symbolize the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is a good way to signal that you are entering into sacred time, and the place where you were chatting and laughing just a moment ago has become a sacred place.


Follow along with the online service- use the pdf order of service

(Available on our website,  )

4. READ:

Read the scriptures along with us. (They are in the online order of service, or use your own Bible)

5. SING:

Sing along with us (the words are there for you on screen and in the “bulletin”!)


Listen to the service, say the prayers with us, take notes on the sermon!


After the Benediction, Blow out the candle.


With sharing with your family: comment, feel free to send in questions. And pray together! (Send in prayer requests and we will pray for you and yours)


Our other online activities: Bible Study, and Prayer Group! (Check the website for the latest info)


My email address is


What are we doing about Covid-19 NOW?

Bethel Congregational UCC has returned to live, in-person worship services! Welcome Home! Our services are also available on FB live, YouTube Live, and Twitch Sunday mornings.

Our In-Person service begins Sunday mornings at 9:55am at Bethel Congregational Church UCC. This service is both live streamed and recorded.

We also offer an enhanced video replay of our In-Person service on FRIDAYS at noon, complete with captions and other bonus material. (All recordings remain accessible through our pages). Sometimes, the replays are available sooner.

I encourage you to join us in person, or if you are either unwell, or do not live in the local area, remain at home, and join in worship online.

Here is the link to our FB page, where you can find the live stream.  


In addition, our Bible Study (which will resume soon) is available through Zoom (the link for the recurring meetings is posted on the Bible Study Page), and other important meetings will also use Zoom. Don't hesitate to reach out by phone, text, FB message, or any other way that works for you. Support each other. Pray for one another.

Please know, that as much as I want to see all of you in the pews every week - this is still an unprecedented time. If you are not yet ready to join us in-person, we are blessed to have the ability to stay in fellowship with each other, even if we are not all in the same building at the same time. We are the church. The building is not the church. It is time to hold each other up - and we can do that, even if via virtual and remote methods.


Pastor Sylvia



If you are looking for a church where you are welcome, and where you can make a difference - please join us!




In the face of division and fear, let us resolve to truly "Be the Church"..



 Please - Plan to join us to have a great Sunday morning, and -  Feel free to bring your family and friends as we continue celebrate the triumph of Love...and contemplate our response


"Bethel Congregational UCC is church that does God’s work in the world, nurtures spiritual growth, and helps to build a loving community.”


 slm pic 2

The Reverend Dr. Sylvia Lee Mann is Bethel's Pastor and  Minister of Music. She serves on the Committee on Ministry for the Eastern Association of the Southern California-Nevada Conference of the UCC, provides coaching to clergy and laity, She is the Music Director & Conductor of the Southland Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, is a member of the music faculty of  Chaffey College, and serves on the faculty of St. Teresa's Open Catholic Seminary. In addition to her work as our Pastor, she is widely known as musician, artist and inspirational speaker. To learn more about Dr. Mann, visit her personal site,





Open and Affirming Welcome! Bethel United Church of Christ is a church that does God’s work in the world, nurtures spiritual growth, and helps to build a loving community.No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. Bethel UCC Ontario is an Open and Affirming congregation.






Bethel Congregational UCC






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Sunday Service 9:55am. Everyone is welcome.

Worship with us online during the "Stay-at-home" orders...

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