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ONLINE - Worship Sundays at 10 am (Video starts a couple of minutes before 10 with some music)

We have suspended in-person worship during the current crisis

May you be blessed and stay well, especially during these times of escalating health concerns, and the constantly changing scenario.

This Sunday - July 12 , 2020 - 6th Sunday after Pentecost

Series: "Nothing Can Separate us"

This Week's Sermon - Set Your Mind -   Dr. Mann

Special Music - Deanna Morrison

Special Kids' Video - The Parable of the Farmer and the Seeds

Our worship service will be online at 10AM on our Facebook page (we will start with some prelude music a few minutes before 10 - this week for our pre-service music at 9:58am,  so VISIT our FB page (CLICK) for a live stream at 10am on Sunday!








Prepare for worship!

  • I invite you to send in short video sharing stories of experiencing God and connection (to God - to each other) during the quarantine. ( What is it about our/your relationship with God that speaks loudly of connection?) These will be included in our worship video. Please try to send these by noon on Saturday January 11th so that Pastor Sylvia can place them into our video! If you don't make it in time for this week - don't worry - the series about connection continues for a few weeks, so send when you can. Here is an uplink so that you can upload your video directly to Pastor Sylvia. https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/sylviamann
  • Prepare your worship area – a candle, flower or small seedling plant, and if possible, place a cross in your worship area today. If you do not have a wooden or metal cross, it can be a picture or a necklace, even a keychain fob. Just something to remind you of the cross. If have flowers you could decorate the cross!
  • In addition - this Sunday we will have a segment to celebrate God's creation and gift to us of the Word. It will affirm God's word and the call to nuture it within. Please make some preparations to prepare to plant seeds or seedlings with small flower pots or paper cups, soil, water and seeds. We may be able to provide some small "kits" - watch this space for more info!
  • Thank you for your preparation.

Online Service Bulletin (PDF) - CLICK HERE to get it!  (note - this weeks bulletin includes sheet music for the songs!)

Complete Family Bundle - Service Bulletin, Resources &  Children's Bulletin (PDF) CLICK HERE to get it!  (Includes Regular Bulletin, Kids Bulletin, Family Learning Activity, Coloring Page) 

By the way - our FB Page is public - so you do NOT have to have a FB account to view it! If for any reason you prefer not to use Facebook, try YouTube,  CLICK HERE  OR - try Periscope - we also have that available. Here is our Periscope TV link: https://www.pscp.tv/BethelOntario1/


(Have you been visiting and thinking about joining? Today is a good day for that! - just send a message to Pastor Sylvia! - we CAN do a membership ceremony online!) 

See us Live on FaceBook: We try to "Go LIVE" every Sunday at 10am on our Facebook Page @BethelOntario (Bethel Congregational UCC).  


SIGN UP FOR OUR TEXT NETWORK just text BethelUCC to 84576 or fill out this form!


Here are some tips for ways to fully participate in our online worship! (click this pic to get a pdf of these to save)




What are we doing about Covid-19?

Bethel Congregational UCC worship services are available on FB live, YouTube Live, and Periscope Sunday mornings at 10am. (And the recordings remain accessible through our pages). I encourage you to remain at home, and join in worship online. Here is the link to our FB page, where you can find the live stream. https://www.facebook.com/BethelOntario/  

In addition, our Bible Study is available through Zoom (the link for the recurring meetings is posted on the Bible Study Page), and other important meetings will also use Zoom. Don't hesitate to reach out by phone, text, FB message, or any other way that works for you. Support each other. Pray for one another.

Please know, that as much as I want to see all of you in the pews every week - this is an unprecedented time. We are blessed to have the ability to stay in fellowship with each other, even if we are not all in the same building at the same time. We are the church. The building is not the church. It is time to hold each other up - and we can do that, even if via virtual and remote methods.


Pastor Sylvia



If you are looking for a church where you are welcome, and where you can make a difference - please join us!




In the face of division and fear, let us resolve to truly "Be the Church"..



 Please - Plan to join us to have a great Sunday morning, and -  Feel free to bring your family and friends as we continue celebrate the triumph of Love...and contemplate our response


"Bethel Congregational UCC is church that does God’s work in the world, nurtures spiritual growth, and helps to build a loving community.”



After worship,  stay for a fellowship - snacks, coffee, tea, etc... something we always enjoy!



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The Reverend Dr. Sylvia Lee Mann is Bethel's Pastor and  Minister of Music. She serves on the Committee on Ministry for the Eastern Association of the Southern California-Nevada Conference of the UCC, provides coaching to clergy and laity, She is the Music Director & Conductor of the Southland Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, is a member of the music faculty of  Chaffey College, and serves on the faculty of St. Teresa's Open Catholic Seminary. In addition to her work as our Pastor, she is widely known as musician, artist and inspirational speaker. To learn more about Dr. Mann, visit her personal site, http://sylvialeemann.com





Open and Affirming Welcome! Bethel United Church of Christ is a church that does God’s work in the world, nurtures spiritual growth, and helps to build a loving community.No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. Bethel UCC Ontario is an Open and Affirming congregation.






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