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Protecting Your Dogs Against the Heat

Article by Lucy Wyndham


The Bible may not contain passages about the joys dogs bring into our lives, but many people attending Bethel Congregational love their pets dearly and consider them ‘part of the family’. Since they are vulnerable creatures, similar in this sense to the children Jesus welcomed with open arms, they need extra love and care because in many cases, they cannot protect themselves against hunger, pain, or extreme weather. In this post, we focus on how to protect your dog against overheating in the warmer months.


Hydration is Key

Human beings are not the only ones who can suffer from heat stroke; in fact, dogs can be far less prepared to put up with vertiginous temperatures, since they cannot cool down by sweating to the extent we do. In fact, dogs only have sweat glands on their foot pads and their main cooling mechanism, panting, can be insufficient on steaming hot days. Ensure your dog has plenty of water available both inside the home and in a shady spot in your garden.


Beware of the Sun

Avoid walking your dog during peak hours of sun and make sure your dog has a shady spot in the garden. Place a fine dog bed or dog house under a tree or within the shade of a terrace. Be wary of the concrete or sand on the beach, which can burn your dog’s paws. Test surfaces out yourself before exposing your dog to them - if the surface burns your feet, it will burn your dog’s paws as well.


Snowing in the Summer?

Many California residents head for cooler climes in the summer and some mountainous areas can have snow even in peak summer months and in 2016, Mammoth Mountain opened until the 4th of July. If you bring your dog with you on your icy escape, be aware of the biggest risks imposed by walking your dog in the snow - including hypothermia, frostbite and injuries. Bring paw wax to protect the skin in this area, and ensure your dog wears socks or booties to walk upon snow - since balls of snow and ice can harm the gentle skin between their toes. Dress them in a coat or sweater if the temperatures are too cold, and bring coconut oil for cracked areas in their skin such as the nose, elbows or ears. Do not let them wander about on snow, as there can be hidden gaps in the ground they might fall into.


Protection Against Parasites

Make sure to protect your dogs against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and heartwork, all year round. Hotter states are still vulnerable to the blood-sucking schemes of heartworm causing mosquitoes in the winter and parasites in general can cause severe health problems, including skin disorders, anaemia and leishmaniosis.


Never Leave Your Dog in a Car in the Summer

This is a no-no that should be enforced strictly. Even a few minutes in a car can feel like being in an oven, and can cause your dog heat stroke and possibly death.

The heat can be deadly for dogs so it is vital to keep them hydrated and ensure they have all the shade they need outside the home. If you head for snowy areas make sure you bring all the dog supplies you need and keep your dog protected against disease causing parasites.


Thanks to The Village Mutt Dog Wash and Natural Pet Market in Claremont for hosting the Furry Friends this past December and May. Please visit them (click their name to find their website) to let them know you appreciate them!


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We are passionate about our mission work. One of our most successful missions is the Furry Friends Pet Food Bank. We collect and distribute pet food to needy families so that they can afford to keep their pets in these hard economic times. We need your help to spread the word about our pet food bank.


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